Online Dating Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Does online dating really work?
Online dating is a perfect way for people that are finding it hard to meet the right people, to find each other. You can search the our online dating website for the exact qualities you are looking for in the perfect partner such as age and location.

This will help by-pass the awkwardness of trying to speak to someone you find attractive in a bar or club etc. You can see if a potential partner is single, which area of the country they are from, age, type of occupation and lots of other details before you initiate contact, and this makes online dating work very efficiently.

Is online dating safe?
Online dating with Cheeky Dates is completely safe as long as you pay attention to our safety tips (Online Dating Safety Tips). Cheeky Dates keeps all important personal identity information confidential such as email address, date of birth and surname so, as long as you do the same until you feel you can trust a potential match, then you will remain completely safe.

How much does it cost to sign up to Cheeky Dates online dating service?
It is completely free to sign up to our UK Online Dating service, get your profile online and to search for other online dates. But to enjoy that full experience and get a full membership does cost a small subscription that works out to be less than 14p a day.

How do I remain Anonymous whilst dating online?
Cheeky Dates will keep all your personal identity information completely confidential so all other members of the online dating website will know, other than your name and age, is what you choose to tell them. You can fill in information about your appearance and preferences etc but this is optional and still allows you to remain anonymous. So as long as you don't give out any personal information yourself whilst messaging people online then you will remain anonymous.

Why do I have to post a picture on my online dating profile?
Posting a picture of yourself on your online dating profile on Cheeky Dates online dating website is completely optional, if you do not wish to do so them that is completely up to you.

How long should I leave it before I meet up with someone that I have been in contact with on Cheeky Dates online dating website?
There is no set time that you should wait until meeting up with someone that you have had contact with through online dating. You just need to trust your instincts, if you have had a lot of contact with someone and maybe spoken to them a few times over the phone and feel that you would like to meet them, then you are free to do so. We do advise that you follow our online dating safety guideline however when doing so, see Staying Safe when Online Dating. So make sure you meet in a public place and do not give out your address straight away, it's better to be safe than sorry.

How will I know if the people that I talk to on Cheeky Dates online dating service are genuine?
Again there is no real way of telling if the people that you talk to online are being genuine, you just have to trust your instincts. Pay attention to everything that your online date tells you and all the stories that you hear and look out for inconsistencies. If you find that your online date has lied to you at all, then you can use your instincts to judge if you think they are genuine or not. Always follow our Online Dating Safety tips and you shouldn't go far wrong. But do remember the majority of people on online dating sites will not much different from yourself, just people looking to find someone that they are compatible with.

Does Cheeky Dates provide online matchmaking for seniors?
Anyone is free to join our online dating service no matter what age, religion, or race. So seniors can feel free to join and search our online dating site for people of the same age range or younger if that is what you are looking for. Cheeky Dates is the perfect place for anyone, of any age, to find their perfect partner.